A bespoke portrait experience by one of Australia's leading photographers. We offer what no one else does - a unique piece of photographic art that is made purely for you. Printed and framed at museum quality.


It starts off with a consultation…

Alex will sit down with you at the location of your choice and chat about you... Your goals, your hopes, your dreams. Alex wants to get to know you - who you are, what motivates you, who inspires you, where you’re going. This is the core of what makes the finished work - finding out about the person you are, or the company you’re part of. 

The shoot itself

The shoot will involve Alex and his team bringing in significant amounts of equipment to craft the work. There will be his assistants, an international level make up artist, a similar level stylist if you so choose, lots of lighting equipment, top level cameras and so on.

Like the celebrity imagery you see in magazines, you will feel like you’re a part of something special. You’re not just making a piece of art, you’re creating a memory together.


A concept built for you

After the consultation, Alex will build a concept that works for you based ON you. Using the references you discuss, and the location of your choice. Prior to the shoot, Alex and his team will scout out that location to determine the best shooting angle(s) and how to make it special.


Finishing the work

After the shoot, together you choose the final select(s). Then that image or images goes off to one of the country’s top retouchers for finishing to a standard that makes you gasp. As with every other step in this process, you can provide as much or as little feedback as you’d like into the look of the finished work.


An astonishing finished piece of art

Finally, once the image has been finished and agreed upon, we get to the printing and the framing. We only print with the finest artisanal printers in the country, on the best archival papers, of which there are a large choice available. You tell us the style of paper you want and the size you want it at. Then, working with a master framer, you tell us how you want it framed. The final work will be an astonishing piece of art that will last hundreds of years - a memory, an heirloom, a legacy for generations.