First Contact

This is where it all STARTS.

The consultation.


First things first, let’s chat. This is where everything starts - let’s connect as people and work out what you want and where you want it. It could be us coming to your offices, it could be sitting down for a coffee somewhere.

You’ll meet Alex, and perhaps a member of his team depending on the type of product you’re after.

We want to find out about you, your family and/or your business, what you’re hoping for and what you’re trying to say. We want to find out what motivates you and what inspires you. All of this information contributes to the approach we take to the work.

Consults are usually an hour long, though if it goes over, we don’t mind! We’d rather enjoy talking to you than sticking to a strict time limit.

The IDEA that makes it happen.

As part of the consultation process, either during or shortly after the consultation, Alex and his team will work out the concept. The concept could be something as simple as your family doing their own thing on a couch. Or it could be creating an entire world, with characters and fantastical sets. It could be your Principal and his relationship to his favourite instrument, or it could be a depiction of your company’s founding.

This is something that you can work out completely in collaboration with Alex and his team, or, we can handle it completely, or anywhere in between.